Thursday, April 29, 2010


Yet again I’ve let this blog become my last priority.  Life has been so full lately that I just haven’t had the chance (or energy) to sit down and write about it.  However, that’s just an excuse.  Truth of the matter is that it’s hard to be motivated to write when I’m not sure anyone is reading.  I guess I shouldn’t worry so much about the readers and rather focus on the expression that hopefully will occur in this blog.  Yes, I need to change my mindset and recognize the opportunity to better my writing and share a bit of myself to a world outside of my own life.  So now to the matter at hand…

We (Matt and I) had the most wonderful holiday in Japan.  We were there for about 8 days and had the best time ever! Seriously, it was an amazing trip with so many wonderful sites to see, foods to eat, and experiences to be had.  I loved it!  During our time there, we were able to go to Osaka, Himeji, Hiroshima, Miyagima, Kyoto, and Nara (in that order).  In essence, we took a very traditional/historic trip through some of the most beautiful parts of Japan.  I could go into a long spiel about all the places we visited and give you a lot of facts and information, but the truth of the matter is, you could just google it all and be far better informed! So instead, I’ll leave you with some random tidbits from our trip.

*Japan is cold in April! We spent the first few days trying to find gloves for me and we had no luck.  The sad part is that we found gloves at the airport…on the way back to about the irony!
*The Sakura Trees (Cherry Blossom Trees) are gorgeous! They make for some beautiful pictures and I would know as I took nearly 2000 photos on this trip.  Thank goodness for digital cameras!
*I have never walked so much and seen so many temples, so be warned! They were all amazing.
*Ryokans, a Japanese Inn, are too cool.  It is a must for a truly authentic experience. 
*Mochi is delicious, especially the slightly roasted green tea flavor…YUM!

This list could go on and on, but I’m going to stop and leave you with a few pictures instead.  Enjoy!

Beauty everywhere!

A golden temple              A paper eating deer

Torii Fun!

A child geisha                   A beautiful day



  1. well I'm a reader-- that should be a comfort, right? haha

    I enjoyed all your pix on fb, and it's fun to see a bit more explanation of them here. What an incredible trip!

  2. I'm a reader too. I feel the same way too about posting on the blog. I never know if anybody is really reading it. I can be kind of disheartening. Is that a word Miss Melody. My Engrish is not that good. Keep up the great posts. Love you and miss you tons.

  3. Great pictures and I loved the paper eating deer (>^_^)> - Jason Camorlinga

  4. I am reading! Not everyday, but I check it out enough to stay on top of your latest adventures! Keep writing, Mel!! Love you!

  5. I love reading your blog and having a small snapshot into your life with my son. Someday your children will read this and see an entirely different person than who they call mom.....yes the blog is worth it. As we get older we forget and with this blog -it will help refresh your memory.xxooo


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