Sunday, March 7, 2010

chinese new year

I know this is a week late, but I’m learning that on my blog, a week late is not that bad! It’s pretty pathetic actually, I know.  I do enjoy blogging and I have ideas as to what I want to blog about, but whenever I have time (which is more often than not), I tend to do everything BUT blog.  Hopefully my mind will start functioning more and I will soon do more things (the things I really WANT to do) than just watching my t.v.  So enough of my rant, enjoy my short update…

Since we decided to stay in Hong Kong for Chinese New Years, I thought it would be fun to go out and see how it is celebrated around town.  It’s ridiculous, but I only managed to see a small portion of what was available as it was COLD and all I wanted to do was try to stay warm at home.  That being said, we did go to Victoria Park and survived the crowds of people, saw the fantastic firework display from the comforts of our building, and watched a dragon dance welcoming the New Year.  So all in all, we had fun and got to experience this holiday in a somewhat local way.

Matt with a hand warmer and me with a yummy treat!

The sea of people that were seriously everywhere!

The lucky oranges that were given out and a cute little old couple enjoying the day!

The firework display!

Cute little kids who enjoyed the fireworks with us and the dragon show!

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