Sunday, November 8, 2009


I have been really busy these last few weeks.  There are so many different stories and events to fill ya’ll in on, that I don’t know where to even begin!

Last week, a group of us from work went out to eat at a well-known and very popular restaurant in Jordan.  As it is such a popular spot, it gets so full that it often spills out onto the sidewalk.  When it gets busy, the owners add tables out on the sidewalk for customers to sit at.  We happened to go there on a Friday night and were given a large table on the sidewalk.  As we were enjoying our meal, the workers told us that the police were going to be coming by and they had to put away the tables! They were serious. They took away our tables and our dishes and left us sitting around with our drinks to wait out the police visit.  The police came and left within a 15-minute period and as soon as they were gone, the workers were busy rushing around, putting up the tables.  Once we got our tables again, we were able to continue ordering and enjoy the rest of our meal.

With our table and then without it!

With our table again!

The cops in front of the restaurant and all the tables close by!

We weren't the only ones to experience this!

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