Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Is it too late to write about Halloween? I know it has long gone, but I have to tell you about my Hong Kong Halloween experience!

The night started with Matt and I heading over to Causeway Bay to have dinner at our friend's apartment. After having a lovely dinner with Kristen, Angie, and Morton, we headed out to Lan Kwai Fong (LKF) over in Central, which is on Hong Kong Island.  This is a happening area that is made up of a few narrow streets that contains tons of bars, restaurants, and shops.  

However, Halloween is definitely not a night I’d recommend going to LKF.  It was filled with TONS of people.  Seriously….thousands upon thousands of people! When we got there, we were basically pushed into a sea of people being corralled along the sidewalk, all of whom were also trying to get to LKF.  What normally would have taken 10 minutes to walk ended up taking about 40 minutes and we still hadn’t reached LKF by that point!  The cops had the roads blocked in a way that made everyone have to walk around a couple of blocks instead of just straight through them.  The cops also were limiting the number of people who could enter LKF at a time.  They had the area tied off and only once the area started to clear off, would they let more people enter.  

Thankfully a friend from work, Sarah, lives right in the middle of the madness.  I sweet-talked our small group through the massive lines and straight into LKF where my friend also had to pinky swear that we would go straight to her apartment.  We even got a police escort, as they just didn’t trust us!

Once at Sarah’s apartment, we went to the rooftop and enjoyed the show of people going by.  There were so many people out in costumes and some were super creative. After just hanging out and enjoying each other’s company, we went out to the streets and joined in the festivities.   It is definitely an experience I won’t forget anytime soon!

The sea of people in the long lines!

LKF! Sarah's apartment faces that billboard.  The view of LKF from the rooftop!

Fun times with friends!

Some great costumes!

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