Sunday, October 18, 2009


I am now a first time owner of some greenery! Last week, a colleague of mine took me to the local flower market to shop around. There’s a great fresh market about 15 minutes away from my school that had tons of flowers, potted plants, and other gardening accessories.

I was specifically looking for some stalks of bamboo, as we’ve wanted some for our apartment since we arrived. Did you know that different amounts of lucky bamboo stalks mean different things? I had no clue that so much thought had to go into choosing bamboo. After some thought, I decided to get 5 stalks as it means happiness, good, and balanced luck in all aspects of life.

While at the flower market, I also bought a Thai basil plant. I use this a lot in my stir fry’s and in my curries. It will be great to be able to have fresh basil whenever I need it. The only concern I have is accidentally killing it! I’ve never had a plant before, so I’m hoping that I’ll everything right and this plant will thrive.

5 Lucky Bamboo Stalks

Thai Basil Plant

Halloween Display

This is a plant of some sort...scary!

Yes, that's a bouquet of chillies!


  1. Hi Melody and Matthew,,
    Glad to see you have settled in and now have plants...big step...What is the weather like? Here in Nova Scotia, it is plus 2, and it gets dark before 7 pm. The leaves are falling and you know that old man winter is around the corner. We are going to Cuba in February, with Joe and Cindy and Jon..Laura might come too. Tell Matthew that Jon and Laura are dating again!!!!!
    Love , your aunt and Uncle, ..whitmans

  2. Thanks for checking in on us! Life is getting better and we have settled into a routine. It has been getting cooler out here, but definitely not as cold as Nova Scotia I'm sure! :D Love to you all from the both of us!


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