Friday, October 30, 2009


Since being in Hong Kong, we’ve now been to Macau twice. It takes about an hour on a ferry to get to Macau from Hong Kong Island. The first time, we went for just a day trip and played tourist around Central Macau. We spent most of our time in Largo do Senado, which is a large square with lots to see and experience. There are shops galore and many beautiful buildings to admire. We went to an amazing little dumpling shop for lunch and had some great dumplings. We went inside the Church of St. Dominic. We explored the ruins of the Church of St. Paul. We went up the Macau Tower. All in all, it was loads of fun, despite the intense heat that had us sweating all day long!

Beautiful architecture...

Neat ruins

Macau tower and a crazy bungee jumper!

View from the top...stunning!

There were parts of the floor that was made of thick glass
that we were able to walk on. Scary!

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