Wednesday, December 31, 2014

c in December

This has been a terrific month! Both Kong Kong and Grandpa came back this month, which has been super exciting for C.  He loves spending time with both of his grandfathers.

Even though the weather has been cooler, there have been a few warmer days where we've made it to the pool.  C still loves to swim and is getting braver each and every time we go to the pool.  If he could have it his way, he'd be at the pool daily!

Have I mentioned that I love December?? I love this month as there are a number of events that have become tradition to attend.  We always go to the Hot Air Balloon show and love watching the balloons get blown up in the early morning light.  We always go to the Night Safari for Thai Father's Day to celebrate Matt and what an awesome dad he is.  Then of course there is Christmas Day and what is there not to love about Christmas?! :)

As C gets older, I hope that we have more traditions that become a part of our Christmas celebration during the month of December.  It just makes me happy to do things with my family and to look back to years gone by and see how things have grown, changed, and evolved.  Oh get me good!


Swimming in December...the perks of living in Thailand!
C just LOVES the water!

Love seeing the hot air balloons get blown up in the early morning...

C really enjoyed seeing the balloons this year!

C & Mama

C & Papa

I would love to ride in one some day...

Yay for running into friends!

...All About C...
C has thoroughly enjoyed the month of December.  We've done a lot and C has loved it all! He continues to just impress us with all that he learns and knows.  Sometimes we just look at each other in wonder that this boy is ours.  I cannot believe that he is almost about to turn 2!

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