Monday, July 14, 2014

c's 80th week

We have survived our first week back and C has loved being back home.  There have been a few early mornings/late nights, but the transition back to the time here in Chiang Mai has been much easier and smoother.  We've relaxed and enjoyed some down time and eaten some delicious food, which has been awesome.

July 8 - July 14

C loves listening to the radio at his Apo's house.

C started eating the apple whole this week.

...All About C...
C's been loving being back with his Apo and Kong Kong as well as all the other awesome people in his life.  He's enjoyed playing with the kids in the neighborhood and spending time with his Ayi.

The other highlight for C is also eating Asian food again.  He's been loving the rice and vegetables. We definitely have a little Asian boy on our hands!

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