Monday, January 27, 2014

c's 56th week

Life is so busy these days that I'm having a hard time catching my breathe.  We are constantly on the go and there just doesn't seem to be enough time for it all.  I'm hoping that the busyness is just a season and that once our house is built, things will slow back down.

Here's a glimpse of our life as we know it now.  The morning starts early at 6am so that we can be ready to head to work by 7am.  When work ends at 3pm, we usually rush over to our house to check on what kind of progress has been made or we have to run around town trying to get things sorted for the house.  Depending on the time we get home, we may have time to play with C for a bit or it could be straight to dinner at around 5ish.  Then it's time to clean up, baths for us all, a little bit of relaxing time with C and at around 7ish, I am off trying to nurse him to sleep.  Finally by about 8pm C is asleep and we are off duty and have time to get a couple of things done before it is our bedtime, which is currently at about 10pm.  Whew!    

I would love to have more time to be with C.  I would love to have more time with Matt.  I would love to have more time to myself.  I would love to have more time with friends.  I would love to have more time having fun.  So here's to hoping that we will get more time once our house is complete, otherwise I'm going to have to work out how to balance all the different components of my life again! 

January 21 - 27

Playing at the mall!

 Totally ready to drive!

He is absolutely mesmerized by an Elmo episode that is all about singing nursery rhymes.

Chubby cheeks!

...All About C...
So this month has brought about a lot of new things for C that I haven't had a chance to share about yet.  The big news of course is changing car seats and moving from the newborn one to a front facing one.  C has transitioned well and seems to like his new seat.  It's so nice to be able to turn around and see his face as he has just the cutest face ever! HA! Another big change has been adding whole milk (of the cow variety) to C's diet.  Basically since I've stopped pumping (, my freezer stash is slowly disappearing, so we are adding a bit of whole milk every day to his afternoon bottle while I'm at work.  This way he is slowly getting used to the change of taste and still getting a mixture of breastmilk and whole milk.  He seems to be drinking it with no problems and thankfully doesn't seem to be allergic to it.  YEAH! A final thing is that C has been saying the word "bung" for a while now and we have no idea what it means.  It seems as though he's changed "ball" to "bung" but we aren't certain.  I guess it would make sense for him to be somewhat confused with language as he is being exposed to three different ones all of the same time.  Only time will tell I guess!

Something new this week is C's absolute LOVE for one specific Elmo episode called "Kids Favorite Songs."  It is a 30 minute clip that has a bunch of the characters on Sesame Street singing different children's songs.  The minute we turn this on, C stops what he is doing and becomes a zombie.  Seriously.  If he's walking around, he'll just stop where he is and turn his body towards the TV, and stand there watching it.  He doesn't even move unless we move him.  Nothing can distract him when this episode is on.  He even is willing to lay down on a pillow to watch it and he never lays down unless he's asleep.  It is incredible! We play it once a day in the evening as it calms him down and gives us a chance to get ourselves cleaned up.  After his episode, it's a book or two, and then off to bed he goes.  

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  1. I love that first shot and the position his foot is in!

  2. So cute!! My eyes were drawn to his adorable shoes - LOVE THEM! I think my son would go for the Elmo ones - as right now Elmo is the guy who memorizes him!

    Blessings, Ashley

  3. He so cute especially when hes smiling =)

  4. Watch out, blink and he will be 15... that is what happened to me


  5. I remember the transitioning of the car seats so well. My daughter thought she was all grown up. Great and lovely pictures.

    Mary-andering Creatively

    Mary-andering Among the Pages

  6. Funny pictures , yes , I like that young driver !


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