Monday, October 3, 2011


Spain...July 27th - July 31st

We spent all of our time in Barcelona while we were in Spain.  In Barcelona, we stayed at the Hotel Onix Liceo off of Las Ramblas.  This was great as we were close to all the action without having to hear all the noise at night.  One of the best parts was that it was finally warm! It was so nice to go outside without layering up and being cold.  We could finally start wearing the rest of our clothes that we had packed for our trip because before this point, I wore my jeans EVERY day!

We actually took it pretty easy during our stay in Barcelona.  We saw a couple of the major sights and then spent the rest of the time strolling through the different districts and eating a lot of food.  This was a nice change of pace as we were constantly on the go while in France.

The first major place we visited was the Sagrada Familia Cathedral.  We actually spent a few hours exploring it as it is truly remarkable! We also went to Park Guell which was created by Antonio Gaudi.  This was an interesting park as it was completely unlike the park we had imagined in our minds.  Lets just say that there were more rocks than grass.  Speaking of Gaudi, he designed a lot of buildings in Barcelona and we were able to check out a couple of least from the outside.  Another major thing we did was go to the Flamenco Show El Tablao De Carmen, which I would highly recommend.  The show was fantastic and the tapas and sangria was just as good.

We walked up and down Las Ramblas from the Plaza de Catalunya all the way to the Columbus Statue and Port Vell, which is at the waterfront.  It was fun seeing all of the street entertainers and watching the betting scams unfold and seeing children asking their parents to buy these really annoying noise makers.  We explored the Gothic District and enjoyed the architecture there.  We also saw the Magic Fountain one evening which was quite pretty...if you like fountains.  We had paella that was kind of disappointing, a lot of tasty tapas, and had quite the adventure eating at a local restaurant that our friends Angie and Morten recommended! 

It was a lovely time, so please enjoy the pictures!

 The front of the Sagrada Familia.

 The back of the Sagrada Familia.

 Inside the Sagrada Familia.

 Inside the Sagrada Familia.

 The cross at the top of Park Guell.

 Amazing street entertainer on Las Ramblas.

 Magic Fountain

 Flamenco Dancer

 Flamenco Dancer

Delicious Tapas

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