Wednesday, June 29, 2011

wedding update...the location

I've not mentioned my wedding much on this blog as I have not wanted to give away too many of the details. What can I say...I'm not good at keeping secrets! That said we are down to the last EIGHT days till the wedding, so I think that I can share some things with all of you who are not attending.

When we started planning this wedding, we wanted something small and intimate. We were thinking of a destination wedding on some island in Thailand with just our immediate family and some close friends. However, as we began to think about our big day and who we wanted to share it with and where we might want to have it, our thoughts began to shift. With Matt's family coming all the way to Thailand, we wanted them to see Chiangmai, the city where we met and where we eventually want to settle down. This way they will hopefully realize what a fantastic place it is and maybe they'll visit us again! ;) As our plans shifted and as we began to seriously consider Chiangmai as our wedding destination, the guest list also slowly changed. If you know me at all, you will know that I have a rather large extended family and if we were having it at home, there was no way we could leave out any of my extended family members. They have all played important roles in my life, how could I consider not having them around on the most important day ever?!? That's right...not possible. With this decided,we came home to CM and began to plan.

During our visit to CM in February, we had to choose a location. This was quite the ordeal for us. We wanted an outdoor wedding that could hold our guests comfortably, while still having an indoor option in case of the rain (fingers crossed that there will not be rain on our wedding day please). We went to every hotel imaginable and had no luck at all. We were down to the last two days before we were to leave for HK and luckily found the best place ever (thanks mom)!

This little boutique hotel, The Ratilanna Hotel, seriously has everything we want. There are multiple places to have the ceremony and reception that offer indoor and outdoor options. The premises and the hotel rooms are beautiful and comfortable. Also the food is delicious!

Stay tuned for more details!!


  1. I'm sure you'll have such a beautiful and memorable wedding! :-) Best wishes on your day, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that there will be no rain! - Linda

  2. I'm testing out the comment function another way...

  3. Oh, it worked, Yay! What wasn't working for me was when I was trying to post using my google login, but when I tried as Name/URL it worked. Anyhow, the only thing more gorgeous than your location is YOU! Love you!

  4. Hi Melody, Well it looks like you are getting excited and plans are underway...Keep me posted on the wedding plans for us who cannot make it.

  5. Uncle Dave and I wish you all the happiness in the world...

  6. Sounds awesome! As much as I love rain, I'll be praying that God postpones it at least 1 day ;) Lots of love and have a fab-tastic day!

  7. @Linda - Thank you! :)

    @Ambre - Love you too! xo

    @ Anonymous - Thank you for commenting! :)


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