Monday, April 4, 2011


I have to start with the fact that we actually took the overnight train from Delhi to Jodphur.  That was quite the adventure and was also the most uncomfortable moment on our trip.  Let me start by explaining how the system works in India.  When booking train tickets, you can choose the class you want and that's it.  The powers that be are the ones who get to decide where you get to sit or sleep.  The most annoying part being that you don't actually even find out until shortly before your train ride!  We were fine with it all and looking forward to our crazy adventure, until we arrived at the station and got to our cabin.  Long story short, a very drunk man acted obnoxiously and made us quite uncomfortable.  The thought of having to share our cabin with him (he said he was in ours) made us nervous and totally unsure of what to do.  Thankfully we had some wonderful people assisting us and they stayed around to make sure that the unsavory guy was NOT in our cabin and also actually got an MP (minister of parliament who was on the train too) to keep an eye out for us in case the guy tried anything on the trip.  Needless to say, we felt safe by the end of it and made it all the way to Jodphur in one piece!

Jodphur, which is also known as the blue city, is actually one of my favorite Indian cities so far.  It is the smallest city we visited and was a very walkable one.  There weren't too many sights to see, so we spent a lot of time simply wandering the streets and exploring.  We also enjoyed delicious vegetarian food at our haveli, which was an old mansion turned guesthouse.  It was just an amazing time!

These are just some of the pictures we took here, so enjoy! :)

Mehrangarh Fort

A guard in the fort...yes, we had to pay him for this picture.

A view of the city and a view of the fort.

Colorful saris...I totally wanted one!


Indian turban, Indian woman, and Matt!

Bananas for sale

Flowers for sale

Some of the shops that we walked by on our daily walks

Dairy Fun! Perfect timing, right?

Resting on the streets.  I also love the colors in this.

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