Sunday, April 3, 2011


We started in Delhi and ended in Delhi.  It was a great place to start as it still had the big city feel with some of the things we were more comfortable a nice hotel with room service! It was also a wonderful place to end again for the nice hotel with room service and a hot shower.  

We really enjoyed our time in Delhi.  We saw a lot and enjoyed our slow transition into the madness that can be found only in India.  On the second or third day though, we got down and dirty and we took a rickshaw ride through Old Delhi.  Let me just say it was quite the experience! Old Delhi was what I thought my experience would be like during our time in India.  It was hectic, overwhelming, congested, pungent, and just an overall sensory overload with all the things to look at, be aware of, and smell.  It was neat to walk through and be a part of, but thankfully the rest of our trip wasn't as insane! 

While in Delhi, we hired a driver who took us around to all of the well known sites around town.  As Delhi is a large city, actually the second largest in India with over 22.2 million residents (thank you wikipedia), this was an easier way to see a lot of Delhi and not waste time wandering about.  It also made for an easier transition as our driver, Danesh, took us to a lot of restaurants and just helped us out a lot.  

Here are some pictures of the sites we saw while in Delhi.  Enjoy!

Humayun Tomb

Inside Humayun Tomb...and here begins my love for these window screen carvings (I don't know what to call them).

Lodi Tomb

Purana Qila

Birla Mandir, one of the few places we were not able to take photos of when inside the premises.

Jama Masjid, a mosque in Old Delhi.

Government House...yes, that is a monkey running by.

India Gate

Bahai Temple

Haunting...the children were often found wearing eyeliner, which we learned was meant to help ward off evil.

street children could be found all over the was quite sad and left me feeling helpless.

A couple of ladies just hanging out on a rooftop.

Old Delhi

Electrical work in Old Delhi, but could be found everywhere else in India.

Security at its finest!

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