Sunday, December 6, 2009

'tis the season

Christmas has definitely arrived in Hong Kong.  It is obvious everywhere, but most noticeably in the shopping malls.  It is simply amazing just how much stuff is put up for Christmas to celebrate the season.  The interpretation of what is Christmassy is also quite interesting to me.  Regardless of style, it is all very extravagant and people are just eating it all up.  The malls are packed with shoppers checking out these displays and taking photo after photo of the displays.  So I thought I'd join the crowds and show you a few of the displays I've seen around town.  Enjoy!

Traditional tree that's about 6 stories tall at Festival Walk.
A reindeer merry-go-round at Plaza Hollywood.

Santa's sled and Gingerbread house with a tree at Mega Box.


Crazy fairies and purple flowers and lights at Ocean Terminal.

A bear orchestra scene that actually plays music and a bear fair scene with a moving ferris wheel at Telford Plaza.

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  1. Hey Melody, Great blog entry. I love the spirit of Christmas and how festive it can be. But on the other hand man is it just feel like consumerism or what. Sometimes, we forget the real reason for Christmas. I'm really glad you are blogging. Keep it up! Love Brett


Thank you so much for stopping by and reading my post! I absolutely LOVE getting comments and appreciate all the feedback and responses. :D xo